Great Food Debate: Waffles vs. Pancakes; Juice Free-for-All

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, despite me hardly ever having time for it. But I never miss my morning glass of cranberry juice. Yeah, I know we already covered bagels, but my minds on breakfast now. And syrup. Mmmmm, fake, completely-artificial syrup.

So, this week we've got two debates (to rule them allllll):

1. Waffles or Pancakes? (aren't they basically the same thing? (YOU BLASPHEMER, how dare you say that?))


2. What's the best juice? Doesn't necessarily have to be for breakfast! (Pulp? No pulp? Brands, too, if you want to be more specific)

Dingdingding! STAGE THREE: FIGHT!

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