Do you want a special header for your article? Uncertain of how to add that sneaky logo or reduce a .gif’s file size? Come on in, you’ve come to the right place!

What is this?

You may have seen a few people use some gifs for their articles, and some have been suggesting that I make a page for it— sort of like we do for the contayct list— dedicated to requests. So I did!

THE SHORT VERSION: If you’d like something made, please leave a reply below or ask for alternate ways of getting in contact with me.


GIFs: I make a pretty mean GIF. If there’s a specific scene or something you can find in video form, chances are I’ll be able to put it together. For headers and whatnot, I also try and optimize the images so they don’t take people on mobile eons to load. Typically, this means I’ll do my hardest to get it below 1MB—unless it looks like absolute garbage, in which case I’ll break that rule—but we can talk on a case-to-case basis.


This includes editing as well— a couple of you may have seen how I animated the AniTAY logo onto a couple of headers— and if it’s something simple, chances are I can get it to you fairly quick.

An example header I did for one of Morie’s AniTAY reviews

Optimizations: On that note, I can also “make them fit” and reduce file sizes. Most gif makers online allow you to capture a couple of seconds of footage, but they often output enormous files and are a burden to load. The quality might take a slight hit sometimes, but I do my best to preserve it.


Originals: I’m also pretty decent at drawing and making my own images / animations. If you’d like something something made by hand (like the logo above that’s loosely based on the .hack login), I’d be happy to try and help. I’m no Bonny John, but I can do some solid mechanical work.

A logo I did for an old advice column on TAY


A coloring I did of a gif to represent Kakyoin’s anime colors

What does this all cost?



It’s something I enjoy doing and it helps me build a bit of a portfolio in case I can magically find my dream job of professional giffer. Always good to brush up on my creative skills as well, and I enjoy a challenge. Also: a nice way of giving back to some of the communities that have been so kind to me.


Or something sappy like that.

Made this for Bonny for one of his Pokemon One-A-Day pieces

Then what’s the catch?

At the very least, it’d be rad if you could include a mention of my contribution in your piece. On Gawker and the like, you’ll often see Illustration by Jim Cooke at the bottom of the piece. Just something as simple as that.


You can pick one of the two:

1. Illustration [or image] by Tim C. [Probably the preferred method in case anything ends up on the main page and people question, “What the hell is an Unimplied?” Also good in case I want to make a portfolio of it in the future]

(*gasp* the initial to my last name?)

2. Illustration [or image] by Unimplied.

If you’d like to be a real homie, additional things you could do would be link that part either back to this page or to my Kinja profile; or tag “UNIMPLIED” onto the article.


Managing Expectations

Don’t know how popular this will get, but keep in mind I’m just a normal dude, just trying to help out a little. I can churn out basic things quickly, but please don’t expect complex requests within a small window of time. I have some big periods of downtime at work when I’m waiting for a script to run that I can work on stuff there, but occasionally I’ll be bogged down with an all-day meeting.

THAT SAID: I love doing this, and will gladly work on it when I get home after work or during the weekends.


One of the more elaborate gifs I’ve worked on for a review card— watch carefully

Here’s where the line is drawn: I am able to do small jobs and requests for simple posts; and detailed custom graphics and gifs for longer articles and reviews.


Apologies if it was a bit long-winded, but thank you for reading!

Please feel free to submit requests below or send an email to my ‘burner email’ (will be used mostly for this): unimplied AT google’s mail service dawt-calm (sorry for the indirect wording, just want to avoid spammers).